Be with Golden Pen on Mothers' Day


Be with Golden Pen on Mothers' Day

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Mothers’ Day is coming. It is on the second Sunday of each May. This holiday was created to honor the motherhood and general mothers’ devotion to society. Although Mothers’ Day derives from America and Canada, it is now known widely in many parts of the world.

The following writing is my unforgettable memory for my beloved mother and her present. Do you have your own? Please share your stories on Golden Pen.

A sweet memory of the childhood for Mom

To the one that brings me to this life
To the one that taught me to love, to struggle for fair, and to overcome difficulties
To the one that not a single word can express my love for her

It was on the first day of the Lunar New Year 12 years ago that I received a present from Mom, a woolen scarf. For me, it’s the most meaningful present I have ever received so far. Hardly did I know that the moment I got the woolen scarf from Mom has become the one of the best moment in my life.

12 years ago, I was a naughty kid. Although Mom was very strict then, I always found all ways to get out of her control and did everything I liked. For example, I didn’t follow her advice to wear a scarf as going out in the cold weather simply because it didn’t have the shape of the rabbit I liked. It was…ugly. The winter that year came very late, and it was the severest winter within the past 12 years. Gusts of bitter wind blew as knives cut right through human beings and the creature. I pretended to take her advice in front of her though I expressed my discomfort. Actually, I was afraid of being shouted at. Right after coming out of home, I took off the ugly scarf and put it into my bag. The result of my naughtiness was that I caught a bad cold. Mom definitely knew what had happened to her little daughter, but she didn’t shout at me, just feeling sad and looking after me quietly. With the innocent nature, I didn’t pay attention to her and continued with my non-sense acts.

Little did I know that a surprise was waiting for me ahead. Mom became more quite and looked more tired. Her eyes became slower and blacker as if she lacked sleep. What was happening to her? I wondered a lot but my naughty nature didn’t allow me to ask her directly because I never asked her such a caring question. Sometimes, I woke up at night and discovered Mom was still awake. She was doing something diligently under the faint light of the neon. Outside, gusts of wind were blowing hardly, rain was falling incessantly, and the bitter cold was dominating the winter night.

The surprise eventually came to me on the first day of the Tet holiday that year. In the morning, my whole family got up early. After giving one another wishes for a better year, Mom gave me neatly wrapped package as a present for my new age. How surprising it was! It was a beautiful woolen scarf with a small shape on it that I had dreamed of. That was Mom’s achievement after a lot of sleepless nights. I bust into tears when Mom told me “look after your health, my sugar! I’m very sorrowful to see you get sick.” I couldn’t utter a word then. I regretted doing silly things that made Mom disappointed. Also, I was happy to recognize the love Mom gave me was so great. I promised myself never to make her worried again.

The moment I received a scarf knitted by Mom happened a long time ago but the feeling then still alive whenever I remember it. I can’t forget my Mom’s warm smile and her words at that time. These affectionate behaviors will accompany with me all my life. The woolen scarf with the shape of a rabbit is not suitable with a mature girl any more but I still keep it as an unforgettable memory in the childhood.
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