Introduction about the monthly "Golden Pen 2009"


Introduction about the monthly "Golden Pen 2009"

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- Enhance the English writing skills amongst the community of Quang Binh people
- Become the a succession of the EWC (English Writing Contest) in 2008
- Create a useful playground for potential English writers from Quang Binh
- Strengthen the connections amongst the community of Quang Binh people within the province, throughout the country and all over the world.
II- The rules of the Contest
1. Conditions: The “Golden Pen” is open to all Quang Binh people who are living, studying and working in the province, throughout the country and all over the world.
2. Contents and forms: unlimited
You can freely write about your favorite contents with your preferred writing styles. Your submissions maybe articles, short stories, essays or reviews, etc. Moreover, the Organization Committee also appreciate your comments about other submissions posted in Golden Pen box on website: Your comments will be regarded as your submissions in the monthly program.
3. The criteria of selection
a. Attractive contents, creative ideas
b. Logical lay-out
c. Interesting tone
d. Creative words
e. Various and effective sentence structures
f. Good dictation
4. The method of marking submissions
a. For submission of articles/essays/short stories/reviews…
+ The quality of submissions will be based on our criteria to be totally marked. Each of above criteria will count 5 points toward our total 30-mark.
+ The quantity of submission: each participant having 3 submissions at least in the month will take 20 points.
b. For comments about other submissions on the forum:
+ The quality of submissions: each writer with good submissions will take 10 points at most.
+ The quantity of submissions: each writer with the most submissions will take 5 points.
5. How to submit your writings:
+ Attach your file ( Word file format) to your mail
+ Your personal information in the submission includes:
- Your full name
- Birthday
- Address
- Email address
- Phone number
- Reference sources ( if needed)
Notes: The Organization Committee won’t accept any submissions copied from other sources without quotation.
+ Send your email to our address:
+ Our deadline for your submission is the 27th of each month.
III. Sponsors:
1.The first sponsor of the contest is a student who is working abroad.
2. FFI Quang Binh branch. Address: 2 Le Van Huu Str, My Dinh ward, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh. Director: Mr. Nguyen Duy Luong.
FFI is a non-governmental organization whose aims are to preserve rare animals and save our eco-system all over the world.
IV. Rewards
1. Monthly prize (from the first sponsor of the contest)
a. First prize: 20$ for participant with the highest scores
b. Consolation prize: 10$ for participant with the most submissions
2. Quarterly prize (from FFI organization)
a. First prize: 30$
b. Second prize: 20$
c. Third prize: 10$
d. Opportunities to become interpreters, translators, and field surveyors for FFI projects
V. Address for any contacts:
1. Website:, box The QBO Golden Pen
2. Nguyen Minh Tam, examiner: Mobile: 0169364359
3. Tran Thi An Giang – PR department
Mobile 0979345458

Golden pen, as it is named that way, is to show your talent in writing and improve your writing skill.
Please join us now !
Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has enough courage to lose sight of the shore
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